“Are you for real?”


The classic response to the revelation of something that seems way too good to be true.

For instance, the sales assistant in your favorite clothing store informs you that for today only everything is half price..... “Are you for real?”

Your kid aces the class in a subject you always struggled with...... “Are you for real?”

The first time you realize that ‘Taco Tuesday’ literally means two dollar tacos all day long..... “ARE YOU FOR REAL?!?”

I wonder if this could be the same response to the revelation that life doesn’t have to be dominated by fear? I’m talking about the fear that so often dictates our thoughts and determines our actions. What if I were to tell you that fear is something that can be switched off and that faith is something that can be switched on?

Overcoming fear sounds simple enough, but in application it proves to be way more difficult. After pastoring for several years in one of the most progressive and diverse regions on the planet, I have found that no matter your career, stage in life, social status, relational status or net worth we all have a similar struggle with a common enemy. It’s that formidable foe known as FEAR.

Fear plagues our thoughts and affects our actions. Left unattended or avoided, it will lock you out of your purpose and hold you back from your promise. However, once defined, it can be defeated. This book is designed to not only identify the different facets or faces fear will take, but also to give you tools to move from FEAR to FAITH.